JM Wiles Photography

From 8th - 12th January 2013, I took part in a group exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London SE1.  


It was a very enjoyable week and a great experience in every sense.  I really enjoyed getting to know my co exhibitors;  I think we made a good team and may well make it an annual event ! 
The greeting cards I had printed using some of my favourite images were very popular and sold well, which was a pleasant surprise, so I will probably get a few more made up with a view to selling them at craft fairs etc... 
Having friends and family come along to support me was fantastic and I really appreciated everyone's visits.  


Here's what it was all about ......

 Welcome to “Gardens”

This was the first group exhibition by these four artists, two British and two Japanese, each creating their own gardens through Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Illustration and Printing.

With artists from two cultures that give great importance to cultivating and enjoying gardens, the artworks gave personal and sometimes contrasting methods of experiencing gardens, landscapes and related themes.

For more details on the exhibition and for information about the Menier gallery, please check the following sites: